An Inkling

Sometimes it is the simplest things in our ordinary life: a chair, a teapot, a cup which can unexpectedly trigger a ripple of narrative within us. Layers of meaning which are personal, relative and yet strangely universal. It is these connections and blended associations held within objects which fascinate me.

And movement, a sense of movement is always there in every image whether it be a sunset making its way across a room in waves of colour or a gentle breeze wafting through windows or the blur of speed or the stillness of early evening.

Even more elusive, and perhaps more interesting, are the movements in our inner world, the emotional responses that we project onto things, the way they make us feel – happiness, sadness, contentment, confusion, amusement. I have tried to capture this movement as well, in the patterning of strokes behind each image or the colours blended in the print or in the words woven into the pictures.

“More Avalon in my Coffee” You can see Avalon Beach in the froth of the coffee. What a great combination first thing in the morning.
avalon beach
Morning swims at Avalon Beach and up on the headland for a cup of coffee while watching the surfers from above.

Linocuts are available to purchase

Small Editions of 20, Hand printed using a blend of colours on the roller. No print is every the same.

The images in the gallery below are not to scale, for exact size see calalogue Cecille Lino Cut Catalogue 2018