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Original lino cut used in Poinstettia pattern

Poinsettias are native to Mexico. ‘The Aztecs called them ‘Cuetlayochitl’. The Aztec king, Montezuma was reported to have brought them in by caravan to Mexico City because they were unable to grow in the high altitude.’

Poinsettias have always fascinated me with their crazy, sliced, iridescent red leaves, full fat green leaves and yellow stamens hovering antenna-like at the centre – all assembled collage-fashion in a moving mass of bush. They always make me smile – bringing back memories of pasting flowers in craft activities with coloured paper and glue.

In the original lino cut I have tried to capture a shimmering sense of the plant’s energy – a blend of water, sun and nutrients, the miracle of photosynthesis.

The fabric inverts as it repeats creating a delicate spray of movement and petals. Equally at home traditional English interior styling or the easy relaxed living of a summer house.

Poinsettia Pic GomezDavid