Family Tree


Screenshot 2015-12-13 14.06.03This lino cut features the fronds of a Queensland pine tree and an Australian silky oak. The branches are suspended in a swirl of sea breeze symbolising their playful journey over time.

There are some trees that you ‘grow up with’ and these are mine. Both these trees hold a strong place in my Australian childhood memories-the pine trees standing in rows like sentries along the beach front as I swam in the surf every holiday and the silky oak trees filled with lorikeets attracted by their yellow brush like flowers. Both trees are found in the Gold Coast hinterland.

In the manner of the Patrick White novel ‘A Tree of Man’, these trees have also come to symbolise people – the pine tree, my grandmother and the silky oak, my grandfather.

The title of the fabric is also a call to feel connected to our natural world, to care for it as if it is an extended family, a rich heritage worth protecting.