Walnuts – Cracking and Baking Tips

A walnut grower selling from a stall in a Canberra market last Saturday shared with me the “best ever” tip for opening walnuts in the shell. No more nut crackers needed when you follow these simple steps.

And to celebrate the joy of walnuts we have a recipe for Fresh Apple and Walnut Clusters … too chunky and full of apple, walnuts and raisins to be called a muffin !


Sweet Potato Pie Base – Boom!

Following on from our focus to transition slowly (the 20% rule) to healthier alternatives for the traditional ingredients we love … Here is a pastry-free crust for quiches or savoury tarts that really works a treat. You can prepare this sweet potato crust in the pie dish or tin and freeze it so you always have it on hand when you need a quick and tasty lunch or dinner. Especially good when you’re wanting the whole family to eat just a little bit healthier. Enjoy!


Little Tips for a Healthier Life

It’s often the case that when come away from a retreat, a seminar or a book you are fired up to make major changes to our life. We approach the pantry and the fridge with evangelical zeal throwing out the bad food, restocking with new ingredients you’ve never used before. You then announce to the family the new regime only to find they are resentful, the change is confronting and ultimately we retreat feeling like a failure.

Take a tip from the ancient philosophy of Ayurveda: The 25% rule – the secret to making changes to your lifestyle that “stick” and try this simple Ayurvedic recipe for the perfect rice and learn about “the 6 Tastes” to make every meal satisfying and nourishing.


A healthier version of Grandma’s Recipes

Our diets have changed a bit since the 1950’s and one thing that strikes you is how much refined white sugar there is in these recipes. So I’ve begun to tweak the recipes and transition them to healthy versions of the ingredient. It’s not a full abandonment of the original ingredients so there’s not a big change in the chemistry or experience of the final cake or slice or dessert.

Here is a delicious, chewy and easy-to-make Canadian Walnut Slice. Perfect for a cup of tea. It’s just a transition recipe so we gradually get used to a warmer kind of sweetness not so sharp and we replace the grains with one that’s a little better for our digestion.


DIY Almond Milk … Pear & Almond Tart

Almond meal is easy to make and a great alternative to soy or dairy milk. Once you’ve made your jug of sweet almond milk there’s a delicious and healthy recipe, “No Pastry … Pear and Almond Meal Tart”, to use up the almond meal left over from the process. You can also use the left over almond meal to thicken soups and casseroles.


Morrocan Nibbles For Drinks

These delicious Moroccan-inspired nibbles are my new go-to distraction strategy for early arriving guests or to keep everyone occupied while you get the finishing touches to the rest of the meal. Perfect for the entertaining season. Easy to prepare beforehand and it won’t ruin their appetite.


No Bake Raw Chocolate Bites

This simple no-bake Quick and Easy Raw Chocolate Bites recipe uses just three ingredients. Each ingredient has a traditional or healthier alternative depending on your lifestyle.


Make your own veggie wash

Pesticides, antibiotics and hormones are used to make plant and animal farming more productive. Obviously then it’s better to minimise your exposure to them. If you can’t grow your own or buy organic here’s a solution.


Cooking tomatoes in the sun

This is so much fun. Try slow cooking tomatoes in the sun. It needs to be over 35˚C (which is pretty achievable in most parts of Australia in the height of summer)