Come For Afternoon tea – mini cookbook download

Afternoon teas with my mum, Glenda Weldon are fondly remembered and often recalled by many. I have shared many of these in my blog posts and I thought it might be fun to bring them all together in a little series of downloadable mini cookbooks. Here is Volume 1 of “Come for Afternoon Tea”


When we lived in a tree house

Our treehouse had such a creative and nourishing impact on our lives from May 1998 -Jan 2015. When we sold the house we had so many inquiries about the design of the house and requests from many people who stayed with us over the years for the floor plans. So I thought it fitting to write a little piece about what it meant to live there and how some of its unique design details created such a special sense of space.


Love, Books and Sweet Memories

It’s all about the LOVE. I have been on search for the recipe for these sweet delights since first trying these delicious caramel centred light shortbread biscuits in Bookoccino book store in Avalon on Sydney’s northern beaches years ago.


A Gift For Your Daughter – A Sisterhood Quilt

When my daughter, Sophie, was 16 she won a scholarship to Atlantic College on the coast of Wales in the UK. When she was notified that she had won the scholarship we were excited and overwhelmed in equal measure. It was amazing opportunity and one not to be missed but it was a huge journey for me as a single mum, to let her go across the other side of the world at that age .. to follow her passion and dreams.

I decided to create a sisterhood quilt that would honor the women that had gone before her and the woman that inspired her and that surrounded her now, as well as the inspiring peacemakers at home or abroad and the heroines she loved in books and films.


Lemon Curd Tea Cake

This was one of my mothers go-to recipes for afternoon tea with friends. She loved to serve in on the verandah overlooking the harbour when we lived at McMahons Point just behind the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Served with fresh whipped cream and a cup of hot Assam tea or good brewed coffee and watching the boats sail criss-cross up the harbour .. nothing better.


Taste of Sicilian Summer – Sage

One of my fondest memories of Sage is picking the large wide leaves in Sicily in the kitchen garden of Case Vecchie. As late afternoon approached we walked down the hill and through the century old vineyard towards the old stone cottage where dinner would be served.

We were greeted in the garden with a refreshing Aperitif served with these wonderfully surprising treats, Sage Leaves in a Light Beer Batter.


Baking for a Cheese Platter

These two recipes are super simple to make and really tasty. Great as home made gifts for a hamper or to bring to a summer picnic. The Oatcakes deliver a perfect neutral balance for any savoury topping. The Fig and Walnut Paste wrapped in vine leaves is not only beautiful to look at but with the inclusion of toasted sesame seeds, warming spices, quince vino cotto and a little ouzo they are a sweet fragrant ‘friend’ to cheese.


Too Tired to Cook? – 2 Easy Recipes

Sometimes no matter how we manage our life there are times when the joy of slow cooking using freshly market produce is beyond us and we just need to get something on the table quickly.

Here are two recipes to keep the “wolves at bay” while you work on the main meal or they can also work perfectly well as a delicious light lunch or dinner.


The Classic Cookie … three ways

My grandfather (Papa) always had his meals at the same time every day and morning and afternoon tea were always the same combination. A mug of coffee and two of “Papas Biscuits”.
This recipe is a wonderful biscuit basic. You can add any filling or flavour to fancy it up a bit. I enjoy dividing the final mixture into three parts to create three different flavour variations.


Devonshire Tea and Mum

Growing up Mum had a large cast iron cauldron that she made her jam in – strawberry, fig or marmalade, volumes of it, bottled and labeled and given away to everyone who walked in the door. And her scones were famous not the least because they were delicious with her home made jam and King Island cream but because of the conversations and company that accompanied them.

Everyone was welcome in our home no matter what age, region, or culture.

Mum passed away last week and I share her classic scone (biscuit) recipe in her honour.