DIY Copper Lamp Base


Create that Industrial Style

Belvedere by M.C. Escher ©

Copper piping! Who would have thought it would be so much fun to create with.

This interwoven lamp base is inspired by the woodcuts of Escher who blended science, mathematics, pattern and illusion to create his art.

Working out how to bring to life what was in my head was extremely vexing .. sometimes measurements reduced down to a few millimeters. It challenged me in so many ways but I love the result…. luckily I recorded my design journey along the way so you can benefit from all my ruminating and make it in a much more achievable time frame

You need a little patience … it’s great for a raining day.

Please Note:

The instructions are for creating the lamp base only. All electrical installation or fitting are your responsibility and must be wired up by a qualified electrician.

The lamp shade in the photographs features my Banksio fabric design printed in sepia on Italian linen.

You will need

  • 3 .25 metre of copper piping (22mm diameters)
  • 6 elbow joins for copper piping
  • 10 T bar joins for copper piping
  • 1 foot or base join for copper piping
  • glue (can use super glue if you’re careful with it)
  • string to thread the electric wire through at the beginning
  • light fitting and cord

Tools you will need

  • ruler
  • a copper pipe cutter. This is great piece of equipment to have in your tool box. It gives a clean, quick cut to any pipe. They come in a range of options depending on the size of pipe you want to cut.

The details

The copper piping which is shiny at the beginning ages over time. Delivering a wonderful industrial feel.

The Top

All electrical installation or fitting are your responsibility and must be wired up by a qualified electrician.

This pic shows in detail the top of the lamp base. The electric wire is threaded with a piece of string through one of the side pipe length as you are making it.

The Base

This pic show in details the base of the lamp base with the electric cord exiting a t-bar join on the let.

The Base

The interwoven design

The Construction Plan

Refer to the details picture above to see what it looks it works in real life.

Download the construction plan


The Cutting Plan for the Copper Piping

Download the cutting plan


If you require any more detail please email me.


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